The Story of the Rebel Alliance

Not the Droids You are Looking For began in 2011 as a FIRST LEGO League team. The team won a Champion’s Award and a Robot Performance Award every year of competing. Highlights include winning the Champion’s Award at Razorback Invitational, Coach Award at World Festival and Champion’s Award at World Festival. We are merging with alumni from two other award-winning FIRST LEGO League Teams to form a FIRST Robotics Competition team! Tiger Techs Black and Tiger Techs Orange are both award winning teams from Western PA. The Tiger Techs have won the Champion’s award in Western PA, and a Core Values award at both the North American Open and World Festival. Their Head Coach also won the Coach award at World Festival and is our team mentor.

Over the last decade in FIRST, the students on our team have mentored 1000s of teams, provided resources for 40,000 teams (over 400,000 users), taught workshops in multiple states and spread STEM at events reaching hundreds of thousands of visitors. We collaborate with teams worldwide to maximize impact, practicing Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition in all that we do.

As a FIRST Robotics Competition team, our goal is to continue all that we started in FIRST LEGO League and be a Force For Change.

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