Timmy Takes His FIRST Steps


We were very excited to meet FIRST Senior Mentor, Andy Yantes, and students from FRC 3193 Falco Techs at our second meeting. They inspected our robot for us and gave us lots of great advice. They recommended that our robot should be long-shaped and gave us a thumbs up for all of our wiring. Thanks to a team parent, we were able to eat dinner together.

Learning New Skills

We began learning how to use Solidworks. We were able to import the kit of parts and construct our robot. Later in the evening, a few of our teammates were able experiment with importing the design into Onshape. Onshape allows multiple collaborators to work on the same design file at the same time.


We learnt how to configure all our electronics and we also learnt IP networking in the process. While configuring the robot, we gave it the name “Timmy”. We actually got our robot “Timmy” to take his first steps and drive along the floor. First, just one motor, and later with all four. It was an exciting moment for our team.

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