Not a Ramp Bot and Other Team Decisions

Strategy and Design

First we came up with a strategy as a team. What do we want to accomplish in sandstorm? What should the robot be able to do?

We broke up into smaller groups and did brainstorming to figure out what our robot design will be like to hold cargo and a hatch panel. Each team presented their own ideas and we combined them to come up with one robot design. We plan to design, CAD and then come up with a list of materials we would like to get to make our solution. To do this, we split into groups of two. Each group of two is resposible for their section of the robot. We have two weeks to work together to develop our ideas.


Half our team will be at Mountain State Inivitational next weekend. We wil be running a MINDSTORMS Expert Zone as well as teaching five FIRST LEGO League workshops. We went over the lessons we plan to present to get feedback. We also planned for three more major outreach events this summer.

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