Mountain State Invitational

FIRST Outreach

Half our team (Ramsey, Ben, Lucas, Sanjay and Arvind) spent Saturday, November 13, at Mountain State Invitational where we taught workshops and ran an Expert Zone area for teams attending Mountain State Invitational (MSI). MSI is an international FIRST LEGO League Open Invitational for 62 teams from North and South America. In total, we impact over 1000 people - attendees and visitors.

During the event, we were able to collaborate with multiple FIRST teams. We collaborated with students from Avi and Friends (FRC), Category 5 (FRC), and Twisted Toys (FLL) to run the Expert Zone and GBC area on Saturday and Sunday. Tiger Techs (FLL) collaborated on two workshops as well. We also invited LEGO Legion (FLL) to join one of the workshops as an experienced Global Innovation Award team.

Two of our team members, Sanjay and Arvind, actually volunteered at the event for three full days (July 12-14). In addition to teaching workshops and running the Expert Zone, they were asked by the Tournament Director to give a speech to teams about the importance of Cooperition. It was a tremendous honor to inspire all the teams.

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