Designing our Robot

Everyone Learns Everything

We took our robot design idea from the previous meeting and broke it up into five main sections. Each group of two worked on writing up and designing that part of the robot. Everyone took part, even the programmers. Just like when we were in FIRST LEGO League, we feel that it is important for everyone on the team to have a basic understanding of why our robot is the way it is. We also feel that knowing a bit of another sub-team’s job helps us appreciate each other more. Appreciating and respecting each other’s role is a key part of FIRST and good teamwork.

Designing is Hard Work

No one on the team has any experience designing an FRC robot. Therefore, the team took the last two weeks to take the ideas we had at the last meeting and make CAD models for them. Every sub-team had to describe their idea in text or drawing, create a CAD, and generate a list of parts.

We picked Solidworks to create our CAD drawings. For most of the students, this is brand new software and it was tough to learn. A few team members who had a bit more experience volunteered to help the other sub-teams. This was a great way for us to learn to communicate better and rely on each other.

The end result from two weeks of work is far from perfect, but we are trying, and learning as a team. All of us made mistakes (a lot of them), but that is okay. Here are some samples of our work.

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