Cows, Chickens, Fire and Robots

Fayette County Fair

The Fayette County Fair is an annual 10-day event in rural Pennsylvania that attracts 90,000 visitors. There are food vendors, games, rides, poultry, goats, sheep, cows…and robots!

We were invited to spend the day in the 4-H Educational Building at the event. This was an opportunity to collaborate with the SteelCity LUG (Adult Fan of LEGO) as well the Fayette County 4-H Robotics teams 37775 (FIRST LEGO League) and 16011 (FIRST Tech Challenge).

During the course of the day, three of our team members (Arvind, Sanjay and Ananth) demonstrated multiple MINDSTORMS robots. There was dancing to Cotton Eye Joe, of course with the 4-H FIRST teams.

The County Commissioner paid us a visit and talked to us for a long time about how to grow STEM jobs in his county. He saw youth programs such as FIRST as the way to do it!


WaterFire Sharon is a community, family-friendly festival that attracts up to thousands of visitors annually and is held two times a year. The Sharon Tiger Techs FLL team worked with Not The Droids Your Looking For FRC team for this event. There were five team members who helped run the stand at WaterFire. Team members included Caleb, Ramsey, Ben, Eli and Alex. At WaterFire the team held an activity called Robo art. Robo-art is when the ev3 robots draw pictures for the kids at WaterFire. We also allowed students to program robots and complete challenges. Our goal was to introduce children in our community to FIRST and STEM.

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