Moving In

We have a home

On Saturday, August 10, we moved into our new home. We are extremely thankful for the generosity and support of Penn State Shenango for providing us our meeting space! We have been given a part of a small classroom (used as a store room). It’s a shared space with two faculty members who store their lab equipment there. You may call it a store room, but we proudly call it home.

Safety FIRST, Robot Second

Safety is the number one priority of this team. Safety expert, Mr. Brown, came in to give us a safety lecture. He told us how accidents don’t just happen and that safety is a skill we need to learn and have. He trained us in using sharp tools such as box cutters and told us that we need to make sure that we are trained to use every piece of equipment before using it. He encouraged us to have a “safety mindset” at all times.

Nothing is too important or nothing so urgent that you forget safety. - Mr. Brown

Mr. Widmyer spent the day with us teaching us how to use power tools and helping us make our first metal cuts. We are really grateful for this time and expertise. He taught was a lot and gave us confidence.

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