Community Robotics Open House

On Friday, September 20, the evening before our first event, we held a community open house at Penn State Shenango. This open house was for our primary sponsor, as well as members of the Sharon community. It was also an opportunity for parents and guardians to see what their children have been working on for the past many weekends.

We demonstrated the homemade vision tracking system created by our lead programmer as well as how the intake and lift would work. We let audience members feed the cargo in and then catch the ball. We were even able to move the robot a little bit around in the space to give a preview of what would happen at the tournament the next day!

Overall, the open house was a great way to have the community to obtain a close up look at our robot and all the hard work this team has put into it. We greatly appreciate all the support we get from Penn State Shenango and the entire Sharon community! We are proud to represent our community.

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