Week 2: Drivetrain and Prototyping

This week our team made a lot of progress on our robot. We began by taking apart our off-season robot to reclaim useful parts to use this season. The lift we used at MVRC has long metal beams that we can reuse to build something new.

Last week, we had decided to open up the front of the robot. To accomplish this, we had purchased a frame opening kit for our Kit of Parts Drivetrain. We buit our AndyMark kit of parts robot. We cut the front panel to 6 inches on each side to allow Power Cells to enter more easily. We upgraded to Performance Wheels on the basic kit and our programmers tested the drivetrain to make sure it is running smoothly.

We spent most of our time on creating prototypes. The first shooter prototype was made out of draftboard. The second version was made out of the the salvaged metal beams. We used some stealth wheels for the shooter. The intake is prototype is made of the mecanum wheels. We were able to temporarily attach our intake system on the robot and test it out to make sure it will work. We have not figured out how to move the power cells from the intake to the shooter yet. However, we are happy with the prototype progress from the week.

We ran into some issues with some of cutting with the band saw. The blade kept bending. One of our mentors tried to replace the blade, but could not find any blades in any stores in our area. A team member’s father was able to adjust the blade for us so that we could start cutting again. We should probably order a replacement blade. Another issue we had is with drilling large holes. Even our largest drill bit is not large enough and we spend about an hour drilling holes. After the meeting was over, we contacted mentors on other teams to find out how to cut large holes. We learnt a valuable lesson this week - it is important to have the right tool for the right job.

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