Week 3: Prototyping

This week’s work sessions have been extremely productive.

A team parent helped us build a field element - the Shield Generator! We now have a field element that we can use to practice with, and test our hanging mechanism on. It really helped us get a good visualization of what we are going to be designing for our robot. So to start, we built a prototype out of wood for our hanger mechanism. We also got additional metal beams installed on the robot. This was helpful because it allowed us to envision our prototypes for hanging and ball storage.

Our hanger prototype is designed to fold and be compact so that we can still be a small robot. We plan to use torsion springs and some type of cable made up of ratchet straps to release the arm. For the shooter prototype, we finalized a mechanism with NEO Brushless motors and Stealth wheels. The idea is to feed Power Cells to the center of the robot from the front intake, but shoot them out through the back.

On a side note we also celebrated one of our team mentors (Asha) birthday. We had cupcakes and cake and sang happy birthday. It’s not just all about robotics at our team meetings; we like to have fun too!

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