Week 5: Mounting Mechanisms and Testing

This week our team made significant progress on our robot. Thanks to an extra snow day, some of our team members were able to put in an additional work day and get started early on Friday. We designed a sliding ramp over the electronics to both protect the electronics, but also feed balls into the shooter.

We mounted a Power Cell shooter mechnism on to the robot. We also continuted to work on our design for hanging on the Shield Generator. We ran into some issues with our mechanism and will keep making improvements to the design next weekend. We did some tests of what we have completed so far with our intake and shooter system. We were reasonably happy with how they worked and we were able to diagnose some problems and know what we need to work on for next week.

We started to constuct our bumpers this weekend. We plan to have our bumper be reversible for streamlined transitions between colors. We discovered during MVRC that changing bumpers was time consuming. A team grandparent has offerred to help us with the sewing.

We also submitted our Chairman’s essay and video this week. Although we cannot win the prize, it is a required part of being a NASA grant receipient. The video was also a way to introduce our team.

Wrapping up the weekend, we gave a demo at the Shenango Chamber of Commerce Home and Garden Show. At the event we talked about what FIRST is and the robot and the challenge this year and shared what we have been working on the past 5 weeks. We joined the Sharon Tiger Techs FIRST LEGO League teams whom we mentor. At the event, we used a kit of parts base chassis to demo robot movement.

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