Competing at MVR

This weekend we competed at Miami Valley Regional (MVR) which we spent six weeks preparing for. All of our hard work paid off. We won the Rookie All-Star award and are now moving on to the World Championship in Detroit, Michigan! We were very happy with the way that our robot performed and how our team worked together, solved problems, and supported each other.

While we only won two matches, we were not upset because we knew there was nothing more that we could do; we did our best as a rookie team, scoring power cells in both autonomous and teleop in every match. In fact, we didn’t even bother keeping track of our ranking. Our goal was to do our best for our alliance and keep working on improving. Our alliance partners were not much stronger than us. It was a bit stressful to get fixes in before the next match, but we knew if we could come together as a team that we could handle anything that would come our way.

While winning Rookie All-Star is great, we don’t have any time to take a break because in 3 weeks we have Greater Pittsburgh Regional (GPR) and that leaves us just enough time to brainstorm some things that we think that we could have done better from MVR.

We also used our time at MVR to keep working. We tried to finish the hanger so that we could hang in the last match, but we had both a mechanical difficulty and some programing difficulties that we need to sort out before our next tournament. We also got recognized as a WOW Showcase Team for great achievement in our countless hours of outreach.

We are extremely grateful to our team sponsors this season without whom we could not have participated in the event.

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