Robots to the Rescue

During the off-season, our entire team collaborated on the Onshape Robots to the Rescue challenge.

Problem and Goal

Concerned by the dangers that medical professionals are facing everyday during the COVID-19 pandemic, we created NurseBot. The primary goal of our robot is to minimize human-to-human contact at a hospital. In our state alone, 6% of all COVID-19 cases have been health care workers according to the PA State Health Secretary. We make extensive use of sensors to create a mobile, interactive, and autonomous nursing robot that can be deployed to protect our healthcare workers from highly infectious diseases and viruses.

Design Process

After our initial brainstorming session with the doctor and a pharmacist, we came up with the following criteria:

Reduce human-human contact: Be able to check a patient at the entrance or in a room autonomously and transfer data to nurses.

Use sensors effectively: Use sensors to navigate efficiently through a hospital and perform key tasks such as taking a patient’s temperature.

Utilize the mobility of the robot: Use an FRC-style mobile robot to navigate the hospital using markers on the ceiling.

Each of us drew designs ideas for consideration. After a team discussion, we selected the key features we wanted on the robot, and then divided the robot into three subgroups to achieve these goals.

Learning from the process

Onshape allowed collaboration between all 10 of our team students. With our rookie season cut short, working on this competition ensured that we continued to meet every day. It also gave us the incentive to learn how to CAD. We found Onshape to be an effective tool to collaborate and learn together. We are especially grateful that it brought our entire team together after the season suspension.

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