Droids Robotics 501(c)(3) has been helping youth since 2015. We formalized our efforts by incorporating Droids Robotics as a Pennsylvania non-profit in Fall 2020. Although incorporated in Pennsylvania, our work has impacted youth all over the globe.

The purpose of our organization is to advance and enrich youth education, especially in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, robotics, and computer science.

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization are:
a. to provide instruction in STEM topics as listed above.
b. to provide facilities and equipment to engage in the promotion and participation of STEM and related activities.
c. to provide opportunities for participants to engage in such learning.
d. to sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote STEM and related education.
e. to develop tutorials and resources to teach students programming and engineering skills.

Our goal is to provide the above resources and activities at little or no cost whenever possible so that there is no barrier to STEM education for those interested in learning.

Our activities to date:

1. We support youth robotics teams (such as FRC 8027)
2. We organize competitions such as the Virtual Open Invitational
3. We support computer science events and courses (Hackathons and Programming classes for middle school)
4. We run the following websites: EV3Lessons.com, PrimeLessons.org, FLLTutorials.com, FTCTutorials.com, FRCTutorials.com
5. We run the Share & Learn support groups

Board of Directors:

Our Founding Directors each have a decade of experience in youth STEM organizations, including competitions, running non-profits, and creating STEM opportunities for students.
Arvind Seshan, President,FCAHS student
Dave Tomko, Elementary School Teacher, Robotics Coach
Faith Bongiorno, Education Implementation Specialist, Robotics Coach
Joseph Gillen, Robotics Coach
Sanjay Seshan, MIT student

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