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Overview of some of our projects.



Great project for any level. Using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 and EV3-G code, you can create a robot that combines art, music and robotics. Students create their music on a strip of paper which is fed into the robot.
See this robot in action on YouTube.
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Challenging software installation and programming. This project uses ev3dev and Python. Everything is made of LEGO except the paper and the pen! You can use this robot to print any image: photos, drawings, logos, etc.
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Printing a Logo
Printing a Portrait
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Compact and robust robot design for any level. DroidBot JR. is our classroom robot design that uses only parts from the EV3 31313 set.
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Challenging programming project. One robot creates a map with an ultrasonic sensor and sends this map to another robot. The second robot uses the information and decides on which path to take.
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About the Creators

These robotics projects are by Sanjay and Arvind Seshan from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. We are two middle schoolers who enjoy programming robots. We are the founders of and members of a FIRST LEGO League Team Not the Droids You Are Looking For.

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Have questions, comments or anything to share? Email us at We would love to see photographs if you build one of our robots.