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Rookie FIRST Robotics Competition Season 2020 Infinite Recharge

About Us

We are FIRST Robotics Competition team 8027

We are a rookie FIRST Robotics Competition team that is made mostly up of alumni from three FIRST LEGO League teams [Not The Droids You Are Looking For #51, Tiger Techs (Black) #577, and Tiger Techs (Orange) #578]. We also have three students who are new to FIRST. Our team logo represents the alliance and friendship between our teams as we strive to accomplish a common mission. Our team is based in Sharon and Pittsburgh, PA

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Community Outreach

Our team focuses on supporting FIRST teams around the world and spreading STEM. See our full list of outreach events.


Our Team

This is how we are organized.


The programming team is responsible for the coding of the drivetrain, subsystems, and sensors. Our team will program in Java.


The design team is responsible for designing and creating the robot parts in CAD. Our team will use SOLIDWORKS.


The mechanical team is responsible for creating and assembling the robot. Our team will use the AndyMark Kit of Parts Chassis.


The electronics team is responsible for wiring all the components on the robot. This includes the sensors that the programming team plan to use.


We will keep our old team name, but will have a new logo and new branding standards.


We are an outreach-focused team. Every team member does outreach.

Robotics Tutorials Network

Robotics Tutorials Network is a network of resources for the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 and FIRST LEGO League. Through this site, we reach over 400,000 people all around the world. It is our biggest outreach project. Click the link below to see our full list of resources for all the FIRST programs.


Fun Facts About Us

  • 500000

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        Team Members
        • 5000